Fine, Handcrafted Fly Fishing Nets
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About Williams Nets

Not very often is someone able to combine their two passions in life into one business, but that is exactly what I have been able to do with Williams Nets.  Working as a cabinet maker in my father's construction business, I developed a passion for woodworking and the skills necessary to make wooden nets.   Fishing for trout with my Grandfather and Father from early in life, I give credit to my friend Darell for introducing me to fly fishing (Darell still has the first Williams Net ever made), thus I began to make "fishing things" out of wood.  After making a net for myself and a few friends, I decided it was time to see if  others were interested in the fishing nets. 

Rainbow Run Fly Shop in Billings Montana was the first shop to carry our nets and Williams Nets was born in 2005, selling only a handful of nets that year (we didn't try real hard).  Today, Williams Nets can be found in the best fly shops in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and beginning in 2011, even Deleware!  We travel to fly fishing shows and events in the best fly fishing towns, producing over 150 high quality nets a year.

At Williams Nets, we will NEVER comprise quality for quantity!  Making high quality nets that you will be proud to own is our sole goal.  Because each net is handcrafted, and because we use 7 to 9 strips of a variety of hardwoods on the frames,  we are able to make nearly each net unique.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, we at Williams Nets have established a relationship with our fly fishing friends and customers that will last a lifetime!

Call Williams Nets at (406) 672-0976 or email steve@williamsnets.com today!

Steve (holding a Walnut handled boat net) and his right hand man
in the shop and fishing partner, Ryan (holding a Mahogany handled Pontoon net).

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